Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Mothers workout

Dont worry moms if you don't spend an hour at the gym, really, save yourself the membership while you have children who can't change their own sheets, wash their clothes, do the dishes, give themselves a bath...and the list could go on.

A moms workout:
1: Loading/unloading the dishes (with added leg lifts and squats)-take however long with all the interruptions of being a mommy

2: Throw a load of clothes in to wash (add some skips and hops along the way)

3: dilly dally (because you have children! And there's always the unplanned floor wrestling)

4: Should you clean the toilets?? If you happen to think about a bathroom break, sneak it in!

5: take sheets off ALL the beds (ok, that was a crazy act, I should have just done one room today) -work those buns, stretch those abs, breath you have a bigger pile of laundry!

6: Refill kids drinks chug down some water yourself, you've worked hard already!

7: Think about what you really feel like doing.....I'm feeling lazy are you? Well, just so far, this workout has gone on for longer than an hour so give yourself a break! In fact, I'd almost take the rest of the day off! Just saying!!!

8: but....there's the need to shower (add squats), get yourself and kids ready (that's a TREMENDOUS workout...physically), then fill snack bag, drinks, diapers, head out the door and forget about the rest of the house. There's this errand to run, this and that to pick up, visit the chiropractor, (ALL REQUIRING YOU TO JUGGLE BAGS, STROLLER, BABY, CHILDREN IN.AND.OUT.OF.VEHICLE) breath DEEPLY!

9: Get home, your workouts NOT COMPLETE! Those sheets........

10: I think that's really only half the workout...or less than half depending how quick you work. I don't work fast under these circumstances (interrupted, distracted, many small hiccups, loss of memory)

I guess technically we should be very fit moms....somehow I'm not...more like stressed??? Most days yes, reward yourself with a yoga workout treatment tonight! We deserve it to ourselves!

AND ABOVE ALL...TRY to enjoy every moment. My 2nd child starts kindergarten in Aug :'-( and I'm already NOT looking forward to a day without her here to play.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

most cheerful happy and bright nursery

I don't consider myself to be an interior designer...nor do I REALLY know how to put different prints of fabrics together properly....I just DO IT!  After each piece I completed and added to the room, I couldn't believe I.made.IT!

This nursery came together all SO ADORABLE, SO BRIGHT, SO she is (I can't even do it justice)
 I tried so hard to make sure the corners of the bedskirt would fit perfectly over the bed and not have gaps....long story on that piece I can't even get into it BUT IN THE END, it is 4 rows of ruffly beautifulness! I wish you could really see how awesome it turned out. 
 The valances, keeping with the flow of 4 ruffles but for visual interest...1 row of contrast!  No idea where that came from!  I guess I don't like to be predictable!
 The bumper pad....
 her beautiful name monogrammed, the tiny ruffle detail bordering her name, (we had this yellow & hot pink print that we didn't know exactly how to use it yet or tie it in with the outer bumper print which is the main print...but we really liked this yellow/pink print.  At the last minute I thought to make a teensy little ruffle  to border her name.....WOWOW!  My favorite part of all the little details!  The pleated ruffle at the top, cute!
 This is the main's BEAUTIFUL with the pinks, purples, greens and you'd NEVER EVER know there are tiny mice playing in the field of should have seen my reaction when I realized it there couldn't have been a better print for this room
 The coziest blanket ever!  Full of ruffles, full of softness!  btw, free motion quilting is absolutely fun, it really makes me feel like I'm an artist painting a beautiful canvas!  (If only my sewing machine would truely not give me fits!)
With MANY interruptions, lots of side tractedness, out of town too many times, caring for sick little ones, and nursery finally came together and has got to be one of the most adorable nurseries!
Don't ask me to pick my favorite piece!  I had SO.MUCH.FUN. and best of all, for a beautiful friend of mine whose baby is just as beautiful!  Thank you Andrea for allowing me to make her nursery a one of a kind!  I'm so glad she likes!!! 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mod Podge photos

Once again, mod podge to the rescue for a quick thoughtfulness kind of gift! Why is it I have to do something fun and creative RIGHT before going out of town or before a special day? Then I'm rushing to get packed up and hubby asks why in the world do I do this?

Easy....I love it!!! These were the 1.99 wooden plaques from Hobby Lobby, paint the edges, brush some MP, apply the photo, brush more MP, attach a ribbon (in my case...because I can't just do anything easy, I made a fabric strip and twisted fabric flower) and hang.

ADORABLE, I KNOW!!!!! I almost couldn't give this away (but then DH would've asked why I had to rush and cause us to be late when I could've finished this later).

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Mod Podged shelf makeover

I cannot believe I didn't take a before pic but this was so plain white for 6.5 years.....Tuesday it had it's makeover in 3 hrs! I painted green and hey, remember the Amy Butlers scrapbook paper I purchased for 3.99 months ago? Here we go!!!!

And what better place to put Amy Butlers papered cubby shelf than above my sewing machine? Fits her well there!!! Now I just need a cutesy little clock up there to keep track of my sewing so I give myself more than 15 minutes to run out the door with gifts in hand!

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Skirt of many ruffles

So, I became addicted to and came across this skirt (pinned on my board) and thought, 'OH, I could do this no problem'...............then I had a few cheerleaders and became pumped up about starting this project! Off to Joann's (not expecting to find fabric there that I'd actually like) and these five prints popped out so fast I knew I had to do this!

OH SO FEMININE............but what a beast it was to add these ruffles (to a previously owned long black Ann Taylor skirt I hadn't worn in like a decade)! I think the skirt must weigh like 23 lbs! It ended up taking me a good 2 weeks to complete these and I was dreading each ruffle before I was halfway done...TIDYIOUS....rgh! I'm most excited about the tie I made for my little sweetheart to coordinate with this ruffly beast! pics to post soon

btw, I'm not a model, hate modeling and my 6.5 year old was the photographer but I really wanted to post this creation!
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Olivia's free motion quilted blanket

Sorry, this should have been with a previous post but I couldn't get the picture turned right! So, here's one of my favorite time/labor intensive one of a kind designed by me (and my love) projects I'll cherish forever..yes, me...and hopefully Olivia!
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Andrea's Nursery

LOOK AT WHAT WAS AT MY DOORSTEP.......YAAAY!  I hate I'm going out of town tomorrow, this is like money burning in my pocket...except I didn't have to pay for this and I know what I'm doing with these prints...(unlike money in your pocket when you don't know where to start shopping!  ha!)  OH my, so many things will come out of this stack of fabrics, 'Lord, help guide every stitch for the new baby's room'!!!
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Sunday, July 3, 2011

No pics tonight, only freeing my thoughts!

I'm feeling a mod podge coming on! Whether it's my sewing desk, the girls dollhouse, the girls dresser drawers, the girls shelving, the entertainment corner unit....if I sit here long enough, I'd mod podge this rental homes ugly kitchen floor! In other words, I need more pretty paper, fabrics and paint action right about now!

So, in one day, sweet, aiming to please, DH worked with me on rearranging...not one but TWO rooms (original plan, the girls room...outcome, the baby's room too! YAY). I was definitely on a high, I love how the rooms turned out. Best yet, I'm not done! There's ruffly bedskirts to make, painting this bench, mod podgin' that shelf...and on and on. What would I do if I didn't have a fun creative plan to focus on...and really get it done?!!

Ahhh, here's another....what about that PLAIN washer/dryer? DECALS!! Yes, indeed!

Ok, so when is this going to get done when I'm about to start on an exciting happy fun nursery for a friend? My sewing machine is ready to go! Speaking of sewing machine....PLAIN = mod podge.....just sayin'

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Finished Blanket

I can't believe I never posted this...goes to show how much I really blog!  I'd love to much more often but truth is, I get so caught up in researching different topics that I forget! 

Well, here's my big girly's blanket that she'd asked for for almost 2 years..and I'm HAPPY with it!  Notice the free motion quilting (I taught myself with each stitch!  Thanks to the internet)  I drew the flowers and swirls with a fabric pen then just stitched through!  IT WAS SO MUCH FUN, I really felt like an artist but with a sewing machine! ha!!
My first layout
piecing the border

My next sewing machine will have a LONGER ARM
(hoping that's sooner than later)

Sing for me little bird!
Free motion quilting!  Amazing FUN!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Essential Oils

After lots of online reading (of course..when I get into something, I REALLY get into it and try to learn all I can), I purchased my first 3 EO's from the herb shop today...and tested them out on my Love. He's been a sick man for a few days, taking herbs and homeopathic remedies but gets in bed tonight with a stuffy nose! I was so excited to try this method to relieve his breathing issues...a drop of Rosemary and Lavender oils onto a cotton ball, inhale, and 5 minutes later, breathing clearly! AROMATHERAPY.......loving it! (www.aroma is one of the many sites I've gained knowledge from)

I'll be putting it in all the rooms and using it many other ways, so excited to learn about this. For now, Lavender is taking me away...not Calgon (which btw, probably has SLS,
Parabens, and other harmful chemicals in it)