Monday, November 22, 2010

Yummy Practical Baby Gift

Bronson received this gift from a sweet friend and I LOVED it, the thought put into it and the uniqueness of it.  I'd never seen a gift done like this before, along the lines of a diaper cake...very practical and cute.  This was a storage bin with lollipops (receiving blankets), gumdrops (washcloths) and cupcakes (handmade burpcloths with socks peeping out the top for icing, oh and the filters!)  LOVE LOVE LOVE

THANK YOU dear friend!

Play tent

Because I'm strong-willed, because I want to be more creative, because I'm a DIY girl, because I'm a procrastinator, because I hate unfinished projects, because I love my daughter and now that it's been 10 months since her 5th birthday, I've finally finished her gift, because I'm TRYING to be the mom she thinks that I am and that's 'the best mom in the world'!

 Thank you Love for working the math here!  I really needed you and you seemed to be enjoying this.

Such great big memories are made under this tent among two little sisters and that makes me happy I completed this project!