Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 Goals

Well, after I purchased my sewing machine 2.5 years ago and reflected on all the things I'd made in that first year, I was pretty surprised at myself!  It's exciting to see all the things I've done and what's even more exciting is knowing all the things I can do just by trying!

So for Christmas, my dear sweet thoughtful husband bought me one super large cutting mat so I don't turn our dining table into chips for the fireplace, nice new scissors, an Amy Butler gumdrop pillow pattern, Stitch magazine and more!   My goal???   (Wow, this is going to be fun)
Birthday Blanket for big girl
Gumdrop pillow (or 2, or 3)
Pillow cushions for the children's chairs
Garment Bags
Girls slippers
Nephew a Dream on the Go pillow
Circles table runner
Myself a skirt or two
the girls a dress (maybe a few)
my handsome boy a little tie
Mod Podge wall art for our room
Paint a few toy boxes and make cushions for the top
Cover the girls headboard

AND all of the spur of the moment projects that strike me right before an event!
Really, I look forward to this year for so many reasons and am so thankful at how blessed I am!  My main goal is to put in more time with God in the midst of this busy household!  Now, Little Rhino is waking from his nap and I want to do some yoga!  

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