Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The birthday blanket

(or quilt but I don't like the quilt look so it's a blanket with minimal quilting)

I'm on day 2 of making my big girl her personalized blanket...and I AM SO EXCITED so far in how it's turning out that I'd love to just make some coffee and stay up doing the next step...BUT it's either being 32, weary, can't stay up like I used to or it's simply knowing 3 cute munchkins will be awake about 7a.m....ok, honestly, it's both!

So I spent all yesterday figuring dimensions for the squares, how many I needed, how large my blanket would be and sewing the squares together to make strips to border the front panel. That's a days work! Today, making sure my head calculation for the front inner panel was right before cutting....THEN I got another idea...let's add batting behind my patchwork border! Then I stitched those strips onto the panel, VIOLA! I'm happy!

Not like I need ANOTHER project but this one will have to be done, I'm so banana happy, I can't wait to start on it. A tablecloth somewhat similar to the front of OBs blanket. Oh my...I'm lovin it!

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