Sunday, January 16, 2011

No sleep

I lay in bed exhausted, the children are finally asleep, the kitchen's clean (thank you Love) and I spritz the pillow with lavendar sleep mist and close my eyes.....then I hear 'COCKADOODLE DO'...NO, I don't live on a farm or anywhere near.  My husband went to sleep before his head hit the pillow, the house is dark and quiet. 

This is when the creative side of my brain wakes up....pretty much every night, even more so when I have a project to work on (like my daughter's birthday coming up) and it's just so bad that I might as well get up, grab some coffee and go to work!  BUT, I know the children will wake up and I can't sleep I have this tug of war with my brain, notepad beside my bed and toss and turn, jot something else down, close my eyes again, grab the Ipad to 'quickly' look up something....RRRGH!

(Sleep mist doesn't get me to just smells really good!)

I'll be busy this week hoping to make my dinosaur girl have a special 6th birthday!

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