Saturday, February 12, 2011

Essential Oils

After lots of online reading (of course..when I get into something, I REALLY get into it and try to learn all I can), I purchased my first 3 EO's from the herb shop today...and tested them out on my Love. He's been a sick man for a few days, taking herbs and homeopathic remedies but gets in bed tonight with a stuffy nose! I was so excited to try this method to relieve his breathing issues...a drop of Rosemary and Lavender oils onto a cotton ball, inhale, and 5 minutes later, breathing clearly! AROMATHERAPY.......loving it! (www.aroma is one of the many sites I've gained knowledge from)

I'll be putting it in all the rooms and using it many other ways, so excited to learn about this. For now, Lavender is taking me away...not Calgon (which btw, probably has SLS,
Parabens, and other harmful chemicals in it)

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  1. Ill have to try the rosemary and lavender next time I get a stuffy nose! Sounds cool! I like your blog!:)