Sunday, July 3, 2011

No pics tonight, only freeing my thoughts!

I'm feeling a mod podge coming on! Whether it's my sewing desk, the girls dollhouse, the girls dresser drawers, the girls shelving, the entertainment corner unit....if I sit here long enough, I'd mod podge this rental homes ugly kitchen floor! In other words, I need more pretty paper, fabrics and paint action right about now!

So, in one day, sweet, aiming to please, DH worked with me on rearranging...not one but TWO rooms (original plan, the girls room...outcome, the baby's room too! YAY). I was definitely on a high, I love how the rooms turned out. Best yet, I'm not done! There's ruffly bedskirts to make, painting this bench, mod podgin' that shelf...and on and on. What would I do if I didn't have a fun creative plan to focus on...and really get it done?!!

Ahhh, here's another....what about that PLAIN washer/dryer? DECALS!! Yes, indeed!

Ok, so when is this going to get done when I'm about to start on an exciting happy fun nursery for a friend? My sewing machine is ready to go! Speaking of sewing machine....PLAIN = mod podge.....just sayin'

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