Thursday, November 17, 2011

most cheerful happy and bright nursery

I don't consider myself to be an interior designer...nor do I REALLY know how to put different prints of fabrics together properly....I just DO IT!  After each piece I completed and added to the room, I couldn't believe I.made.IT!

This nursery came together all SO ADORABLE, SO BRIGHT, SO she is (I can't even do it justice)
 I tried so hard to make sure the corners of the bedskirt would fit perfectly over the bed and not have gaps....long story on that piece I can't even get into it BUT IN THE END, it is 4 rows of ruffly beautifulness! I wish you could really see how awesome it turned out. 
 The valances, keeping with the flow of 4 ruffles but for visual interest...1 row of contrast!  No idea where that came from!  I guess I don't like to be predictable!
 The bumper pad....
 her beautiful name monogrammed, the tiny ruffle detail bordering her name, (we had this yellow & hot pink print that we didn't know exactly how to use it yet or tie it in with the outer bumper print which is the main print...but we really liked this yellow/pink print.  At the last minute I thought to make a teensy little ruffle  to border her name.....WOWOW!  My favorite part of all the little details!  The pleated ruffle at the top, cute!
 This is the main's BEAUTIFUL with the pinks, purples, greens and you'd NEVER EVER know there are tiny mice playing in the field of should have seen my reaction when I realized it there couldn't have been a better print for this room
 The coziest blanket ever!  Full of ruffles, full of softness!  btw, free motion quilting is absolutely fun, it really makes me feel like I'm an artist painting a beautiful canvas!  (If only my sewing machine would truely not give me fits!)
With MANY interruptions, lots of side tractedness, out of town too many times, caring for sick little ones, and nursery finally came together and has got to be one of the most adorable nurseries!
Don't ask me to pick my favorite piece!  I had SO.MUCH.FUN. and best of all, for a beautiful friend of mine whose baby is just as beautiful!  Thank you Andrea for allowing me to make her nursery a one of a kind!  I'm so glad she likes!!!