Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Mothers workout

Dont worry moms if you don't spend an hour at the gym, really, save yourself the membership while you have children who can't change their own sheets, wash their clothes, do the dishes, give themselves a bath...and the list could go on.

A moms workout:
1: Loading/unloading the dishes (with added leg lifts and squats)-take however long with all the interruptions of being a mommy

2: Throw a load of clothes in to wash (add some skips and hops along the way)

3: dilly dally (because you have children! And there's always the unplanned floor wrestling)

4: Should you clean the toilets?? If you happen to think about a bathroom break, sneak it in!

5: take sheets off ALL the beds (ok, that was a crazy act, I should have just done one room today) -work those buns, stretch those abs, breath you have a bigger pile of laundry!

6: Refill kids drinks chug down some water yourself, you've worked hard already!

7: Think about what you really feel like doing.....I'm feeling lazy are you? Well, just so far, this workout has gone on for longer than an hour so give yourself a break! In fact, I'd almost take the rest of the day off! Just saying!!!

8: but....there's the need to shower (add squats), get yourself and kids ready (that's a TREMENDOUS workout...physically), then fill snack bag, drinks, diapers, head out the door and forget about the rest of the house. There's this errand to run, this and that to pick up, visit the chiropractor, (ALL REQUIRING YOU TO JUGGLE BAGS, STROLLER, BABY, CHILDREN IN.AND.OUT.OF.VEHICLE) breath DEEPLY!

9: Get home, your workouts NOT COMPLETE! Those sheets........

10: I think that's really only half the workout...or less than half depending how quick you work. I don't work fast under these circumstances (interrupted, distracted, many small hiccups, loss of memory)

I guess technically we should be very fit moms....somehow I'm not...more like stressed??? Most days yes, reward yourself with a yoga workout treatment tonight! We deserve it to ourselves!

AND ABOVE ALL...TRY to enjoy every moment. My 2nd child starts kindergarten in Aug :'-( and I'm already NOT looking forward to a day without her here to play.